How To Increase Lung Capacity in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Credit: Image via Rockstar Games

Credit: Image via Rockstar Games

GTA: San Andreas features one specific mission that requires CJ to spend an extended amount of time underwater, Amphibious Assault. However, in order to complete this mission, CJ requires an upgraded lung capacity to survive for the entire duration that he remains submerged.

Before heading into the guide, did you know that San Andreas was the first game in the GTA franchise to have the player interact with water? In earlier games, the player would simply drown whenever they came in contact with water.

Having said that, let's dive in and check out how to improve CJ's lung capacity in GTA: San Andreas.

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How To Increase CJ's Lung Capacity

GTA: San Andreas presented a very life-like mechanic which allowed players to perform various tasks that affect different metrics of CJ's physique. For example, CJ can gain muscle strength by working out while he can also gain fat by consuming more food than required.

Similarly for lung capacity, in order to stay underwater for longer durations, CJ needs to practice the very same. This means, that the player will need to head over to the water and take a dive into the deep.

However, once CJ's lung capacity bar is entirely depleted, the player will need to head back to the surface to regain their breath. This process needs to be repeated multiple times before CJ's lung capacity increases.

Whenever CJ's lungs are upgraded during this process, the player will receive a pop-up tab stating the same. Another important point that players should note is the fact that they need at least two levels of upgraded lung capacity before they can successfully complete the Amphibious Assault mission in GTA: San Andreas.

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