Grand Theft Auto Online Shuts Down For PS3 And Xbox 360 On December 16

Speaking in a blog post earlier today, Rockstar confirmed that they've made the decision to shut down Grand Theft Auto Online's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 servers on December 16. Shark Cash Cards will no longer be sold for both platforms after September 15, but GTA 5's Story Mode remains unaffected.

As part of this, stat-tracking via Rockstar Games Social Club will also become unavailable, alongside multiplayer features for two other PS3/Xbox 360 games: Max Payne 3 and LA Noire. While they've abandoned adding new GTA Online content to either platform since 2015, servers were never taken offline.

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Grand Theft Auto Online Shuts Down For PS3 And Xbox 360 On December 16

Finishing this statement, Rockstar issued a message of thanks to remaining members of the PS3/Xbox 360 GTA community, stating:

We’d like to thank the GTA Online community for their continued support, and look forward to seeing players continue their journey in Los Santos with us on new platforms.

This news comes as Rockstar prepares Grand Theft Auto V for it's third generation of platforms. Arriving on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on November 11, that'll bring “expanded and enhanced” versions of this long-running game. Many joke that Grand Theft Auto V is never gonna die as it remains extremely profitable for Rockstar, though we're curious to see what comes next.

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