GTA Online Players Yearn to Become Iron Man

A promo screenshot of GTA 5.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot of GTA 5.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Not satisfied with the ability to ride flying jet-bikes and obliterate each other with an orbital cannon, GTA Online players have more on their wishlist for the game before GTA 6 arrives.

With many having begun to run out of insanely priced properties and gold-plated supercars to invest in, new items have begun to be desired by the criminal classes.

One of these, outlined in a Reddit post by user Wrong-West-9581, is the former house of Devin Weston, the primary antagonist of GTA 5’s main story.

GTA Online Players Yearn to Become Iron Man

As Wrong-West-9581 points out in the post, Weston’s pad in the Tongva Hills would make a prime stand-in for Tony Stark’s home in the Iron Man films, so long as it came with a basement in which to build your own super-suit.

Fellow player thegaming_dude pointed out that the house getting a new owner would seemingly fit with the events of story mode, saying: “It would also make sense considering ending c is canon - meaning Devin's already dead.”

Several others debated whether making the house purchasable would interfere with any missions in GTA Online, with a few of the car drop off locations for Import/Export update missions and a mission from The Contract update being flagged as possible problem causers.

Another user suggested that the addition of Saints Row 4-style superpowers or a super-suit would add to the supervillain roleplay experience already offered by owning facilities, bunkers and a nuclear submarine.

Other players went off on a different track, discussing their desire to own one of the beach houses near Weston’s mansion.

There were calls for SoCal style shark-tooth necklaces, the ability to surf on the waves off the coast and possibly an Oppressor-inspired surfboard with a rocket attached.

One user even suggested a scripted event in which a surfing player is attacked by a shark and emerges from hospital having been gifted one of the aforementioned shark-tooth necklaces.

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