GTA Online Players Rediscover Obscure Motorbike Feature

A promo screenshot for the GTA Online bikers update.

A promo screenshot for the GTA Online bikers update.

Violence is in the nature of those who play GTA Online, so when one of them discovers an obscure way of putting the hurt on griefers or innocent fellow players, it’s always cause for celebration.

Then again, the game’s age means that, at this point, many supposed new discoveries are just small additions from its older updates, forgotten by all but the most hardcore of players.

This is exactly the case with a recent revelation uncovered by a player on Reddit, who was surprised to learn that you can dish out melee attacks to other players while on the back of a motorbike.

GTA Online Player Unleashes Motorbike Melee Mayhem

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user chiqeui began a thread by sharing a clip of them delivering some Bruce Lee-esque kicks to pedestrians while being driven around as a passenger on another player’s motorbike, adding the caption: “after almost 10 years, I JUST learned you can kick on a bike”.

Sadly, other users were quick to point out that this feature isn’t one that’s been on GTA Online since day one, with WadieXkiller revealing: “this was introduced in the Biker updates back in October 2016. You can also use melee weapons too.”

A promo screenshot for the GTA Online Bikers update.
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User ThachWeave was able to share a more subtle trick made possible by these features, saying: “on top of that, if both driver and passenger swing their melee weapons fast enough at a car, you can catch the gas tank on fire!”, while a few others suggested that weapons like the stone hatchet added as part of a promotional drive for Red Dead Redemption 2 can be pretty effective if used from the back of bikes.

Another amusing use of the feature was suggested by TheLordHimself420, who said: “The driver and passenger can do it at the same time, it’s funny as hell if you’re alternating”.

Some users pointed out the ability to kick while on a bike also has some nostalgic value for fans of retro games, with ItchThatMitch asking: “any of you guys old enough to remember ‘Road Rash’ on the Amiga?” and ThePresto_ responding: “I instantly thought of it when I found out you could kick, I thought I was the only one!”

For those who want to try this out for themselves, a number of users were on hand to outline the controls you’ll need, with the X key and both mouse buttons being used on PC, the X button plus either L1 or R1 on PlayStation and the A button and LB or RB on Xbox.

So, make sure your character limbers up beforehand and follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly involving Michael from single player, is released.

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