GTA San Andreas Remake To Be Announced Soon According To New Leak

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The rumors surrounding GTA 6 are growing even stronger with the arrival of the next-generation of consoles.

GTA 5 Online is keeping us more than occupied, for now, as it re-releases for the third time; but there is no doubt players are longing for the next installment.

Now, with a potential announcement of GTA 6 coming this year, fans are hopeful this will not be the only GTA news we see this year. 

A new rumor has emerged, which has alluded to the announcement of a remake of one of the best GTA titles of all time.

Here's what we know! 



Over on the GTA Forums, there has been a flurry of 'insider' information being shared in recent weeks.

The first news came a few weeks back when users noted that remakes of GTA San Andreas, GTA 3, and Vice City would all be announced soon.

Now, another leak has been noted that only revolves around GTA San Andreas.

This comes from Reddit user meetsejpal, in a now-deleted post that was captured by

The leak essentially notes that the looming anniversary of when GTA San Andreas was released could be a sign of us getting a brand new remake in the near future. 

For now, we will have to wait and see if Rockstar announces anything in the coming months.

Be sure to let us know if you are excited about this potential remake! 


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