GTA San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3 All Rumored To Receive Remakes

The rumors surrounding GTA 6 are growing even stronger with the arrival of next-generation of consoles.

GTA 5 Online is keeping us more than occupied, for now, as it re-releases for the third time; but there is no doubt players are longing for the next instalment.

Now, with a potential announcement of GTA 6 coming this year, fans are hopeful this will not be the only GTA news we see this year. 

A new rumor has emerged, which has shed light on a potential remaster collection of some of the best GTA games of all time.

Here's all we know! 



Over on the trusty GTA Forums, GTA Base was the first to report a series of messages exchanged between users which possibly hints at a brand new trilogy coming soon.

Basically, a user by the name of Mach1bud noted that something will be coming soon.

This is when the forums got a bit weird, as another user by the name of WildBrick142 stated that Mach1bud was commenting on the wrong forum page. Even though this form was tagged with abbreviations of San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3.

Now, while this could mean nothing; there was another suspicious incident on social media that turned a lot of heads.

Over on Twitter, uNiGTANet; one of the admins over on the GTA Forums posted the following image of some homemade Shark Cards.

What is noteworthy about this is the fact that they have the following dates marked on them: 

  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2004
  • 2013

The first three years are all when the above games released.

While the last one is GTA 5's release date!

So, we might see some sort of announcement coming in the near future. 

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