GTA Online: The Most Expensive Arcades In 2021

GTA Online is proof that you can make a good game better with constant support, as every major update has added a number of new things to freshen the game up, like single-player-based Contact Missions and Stunt Races.

The Diamond Casino update was no exception as it added Arcades in GTA Online, which aren’t just home to mini-games but are also a good revenue source for making that money if you're not in the mood to sell your belongings.

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GTA Online: The Most Expensive Arcades In 2021

Unfortunately, the GTA Online Arcades are far from cheap, with the cheapest one costing a little over $1 million.

There are six Arcades for you to try and buy overall, so we’re here to break down the three most expensive GTA Online Arcades that you should try to buy for extra GTA$.

The Warehouse Arcade

Costing a whopping GTA$2,135,000, The Warehouse Arcade in South Los Santos is a pretty great buy for those that are investing in the game’s arcade scene.

Aside from being able to plan the Diamond Heist without any problems, The Warehouse Arcade also lets you store up to 10 stolen vehicles, making it an essential buy for all your criminal schemes.

The Insert Coin Arcade

Found in Rockford Hills, North Los Santos, The Insert Coin Arcade isn’t as useful as The Warehouse Arcade when it comes to practicality since you can’t store vehicles here, but it’s still a good way to make that money and plan The Diamond Heist.

Players mostly invest in GTA Online Arcades to get more money anyway, plus, since this will cost you GTA$2,345,000, this establishment should help make that money back and then some.

The Eight Bit Arcade

We hope you’ve been saving up because GTA Online’s Eight Bit Arcade costs $2,530,000 and is probably the best Arcade to invest in.

Like most of the GTA Online Arcades, you can plan for The Diamond Heist here but what really matters is the aftermath and that extra money. You will be able to find The Eight Bit Arcade in Vinewood, North Los Santos.

GTA Online is now available with GTA 5 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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