GTA Online: The Contract - How To Unlock the Lab Doors

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GTA Online The Contract Security Contract Stolen Monkey Recovery. The player is looking at the lab doors that exit the facility.

As well as the VIP Dr. Dre contract that you can do as part of The Contract DLC for GTA Online, you can take on smaller jobs. Some jobs involved protecting a client and some involve you being sent to recover stolen items or cars. For one mission, you are sent to get a stolen Monkey back from Merryweather at Humane Labs. However, you need the doors to be open for you to make a clean escape. We're going to show you how to unlock the lab doors.

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How To Unlock the Lab Doors

The first thing you need to do before unlocking the lab doors is get rid of all of the Merryweather guards in there. Do this but try to avoid using large explosives because you don't want to destroy the vans. Once you have done this, stand by the van that has the stolen Monkey in it and look at the two large doors that lead out of the laboratory. Quickly head to the door on the left. To the left of this door there is a concrete pillar and on this pillar is the switch to unlock the doors.

GTA Online The Contract Stolen Monkey Recovery, button to unlock lab doors on a  concrete pillar. The player is facing the button on the pillar, their back to the screen and they are still holding their heavy rifle.

When you're ready, hit the switch to unlock the doors and get in the van with the Monkey in it. Drive the van to the doors but be prepared for some Merryweather cars to be waiting for you outside. All you have to do is get clear of the cars and get the Monkey back to the Agency.

Rescuing a Monkey is just one of the missions that The Contract update brought to GTA Online. If you want to take a look at what the main story missions are for The Contract, you can see them all in our mission list. Taking on security contracts can be easier when you know how to get the new heavy rifle and how to get the compact EMP launcher.