GTA Online: The Contract - How To Get the Compact EMP Launcher

GTA Online The Contract DLC Compact EMP Launcher.

GTA Online The Contract DLC Compact EMP Launcher.

GTA Online The Contract DLC brings back Franklin, who seems to be doing pretty well for himself after the Union Depository Job. He's got a new business that helps celebrities around Los Santos with their sensitive "problems". It looks as though he is on the way to getting a high-end celebrity client - Dr Dre. The Contract introduces new missions and some new weapons. We're here to show you to get the Compact EMP Launcher.

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How To Get the Compact EMP Launcher

You can get the Compact EMP Launcher through your Armory in your Agency. Once you've found your Armory, speak to the requisitions officer to browse through all of the weapons you can purchase.

The Compact EMP Launcher comes under the "Heavy Weapons" category. Purchasing the weapon will cost $498,750. Once you have bought the basic Launcher, you can choose to further customise it as you would with other handheld weapons.

GTA Online The Contract. Agency Armory Compact EMP Launcher
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When you have the Compact EMP Launcher in your weapons arsenal for GTA Online, destructive fun isn't too far behind. The launcher isn't the only weapon you can get. Take a look at our guide on how to get the new heavy rifle. If cars are more your style, check out our guide that shows you all of the new cars that have been added with the update.

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