GTA Online: The Contract Mission List

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GTA Online The Contract DLC update. From left to right, Lamar, Franklin, Imani and Chop inside The Agency

The Contract DLC update for GTA Online lets you become partners with Franklin in his new "celebrity solutions Agency". When you join him, your business is still waiting to get their first major client but it's not long before Dr. Dre hires you to find his phone. There are 14 missions in the main story for The Contract and you can find them all right here in our mission list.

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The Contract Mission List

These are all of the missions from the main story of The Contract DLC. However, there are other Security Contracts that you can take on through the computer in your office at The Agency.

  • Introduction - You get to meet Franklin at your Agency once you purchase it. You will get to meet him, an elderly Chop, and find out exactly what it is that your new business does.
  • On Course - You and Franklin head to the Golf Club to meet with a potential new client, Dr.Dre. During this meeting, two pompous golfers insult Dre. You and Franklin decide to deal with the Golfers to show Dre you're worthy of The VIP Contract.
  • Setup: Data Recovery - To be able to track Dre's phone, you need to break into the FIB.
  • Nightlife Leak: The Nightclub - Imani tracked one of the 3 phone signals to a nightclub owned by the Triads. Your job is to get into the
  • Nightlife Leak: The Marina - You invade a Yacht to find out where the promoter is going to leak Dre's tracks.
  • Nightlife Leak - Gear up and invade the Diamond Casino to get the copy of Dre's phone back!
  • High Society Leak: The Country Club - Time to find clues for the second copy of Dre's Phone and you need to tail a Limo!
  • High Society Leak: Guest List - Time for you to kidnap a lawyer with security guards, how hard can it be?
  • High Society Leak - Gear up again! This time, you're going after a Billionaire who has the copy of Dre's phone. This mission will take you through land, sky and sea.
  • South Central Leak: Davis - This is the start of finding the source of the final leak. All you need to do is kill a bunch of drug dealers, steal a van from The Lost MC and not die. Just another day in Los Santos.
  • South Central Leak: The Ballas - You will head into a shootout between two gangs to get some information about the final leak.
  • South Central Leak - Ready your weapons, ammunition and driving skills. To get the final copy of Dre's phone back, you need to steal back a lowrider without dying. Oh, and there are a bunch of enemies that want to stop you.
  • Studio Time - At the Agency, you find out who has Dre's phone. Survive the ensuing fight with enemies and hired gunmen in Record A Studios to watch Dre record a track.
  • Don't Fuck With Dre - This is the final story mission in The Contract and you go up against a whole gang to get Dre's phone back. Once you do, Dre will leave Los Santos.
GTA Online The Contract DLC. Franklin is on his phone on Del Pierro Pier
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