GTA Online: The Contract - How To Unlock the VIP Contract

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GTA Online The Contract DLC update. Franklin, Lamar and Dr.Dre

When you buy The Agency as part of The Contract update for GTA Online, you will be able to carry out contracts. The main mission at The Agency focuses on helping Dr.Dre get his phone back. However, you cannot do this right away and you need to gain him as a client first. This is why we're going to show you how to unlock the VIP contract to start the Dr.Dre missions.

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How To Unlock the VIP Contract

There are a few steps that you need to take to unlock the VIP contract. In true GTA fashion, they're about how good you are with weapons and intimidation. If you're at the very beginning then you should read our guide on how to start the DLC first.

Complete Your First Contract

To unlock the VIP Contract section at The Agency, you need to complete one of the Security Contracts first. When you log onto your computer in your office, you should see this:

GTA Online The Contract Update Agency Computer Security Contracts Screen. The image shows the contracts screen on the agency computer. It is blue and lists three available contracts on the left. The highlighted contract is for "recovering asset's stolen valuables".
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Select "Security Contracts" and browse the job options you have. Each one will be a different difficulty level, require a different approach, and pay different amounts. Which one you choose is down to you, but we recommend picking one that you know you can get done quickly.

Meet Dr.Dre

Once you successfully complete the contract, you will get a phone call from Franklin to meet him and a potential new client at the Golf Club. When you get there you will meet Dr.Dre and then a bit of chaos ensues thanks to some rather pompous golfers. Your next task will be to deal with these two golfers by intimidating them. To do this, chase them down and repeatedly ram them with your Golf Cart until their intimation meters are filled.

You then need to tail one of the Golfers. Once they stop running, you can put your Gold Club to good use and slightly beat them with it to get them to apologise. Once that's been taken care of, Franklin will call Dre to let him know it's all good.

After completing that mission, Franklin will call you again and ask you to visit him at The Agency. This is the sign that you have unlocked the VIP Contract and you can soon begin the Dr.Dre missions.


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