GTA Online: The Contract - How to Hack the Security Terminal

GTA Online The Contract High Society Leak. The player is in the surveillance room by one of the security terminals that need to be hacked.

In the first High Society Leak mission in The Contract DLC in GTA Online, you break into a surveillance room to find out where the second copy of Dre's phone is. However, once you are in, you need to hack into a security terminal for Imani to be able to track the copy. This can be a bit confusing if you haven't done it before so we're going to show you how to hack the security terminal.

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How to Hack the Security Terminal

After you take care of the guards, walk up to any of the three computers in the room and interact with them. When the computer screen opens up, follow the prompted instructions until you come to a screen that looks like this:

GTA Online The Contract High Society Leak Country Club Security Terminal Hacking Screen
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The little green numbers near the top of the screen show you how long you have left to hack the system.

This is where you'll need to focus and have fast fingers. To hack the system, you need to line up all of the red letters in the centre of the screen. You do this column by column. The green glow lines show you which column you are currently on. The blue line going across the screen shows you where to line the letters up. Wait for the red letter to come into view and click your action button at the right time to line it up with the middle.

Rinse and repeat with each column until you have lined them all up. After you get every single letter lined up, it usually spells out something amusing and you will get the information you need. Once you hack the system and leave the room, you will be directed to your next task.

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