GTA Online: The Contract - How To Add a Garage and an Armory to Your Agency

GTA Online The Contract Agency Armory Heavy Weapon and Rifle Wall

You can now buy an Agency building in GTA Online as part of The Contract update. Owning your own Agency building means that you can pick what the interior looks like and what extra features you want it to have. However, it can become a bit expensive to add all the features at once. This is why we're going to show you all of the options for adding a Garage and Armory to your Agency.

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How To Add a Garage and an Armory to Your Agency

Add Them When You Buy the Agency

You can choose to add a Garage and Armory to the Agency building when you are buying it. Once you select the building, you can choose to customise the look of the interior and which features it has. There will be a section for a Garage, click on this and a small side menu should appear. There will be a small description of the Garage and a tick box below it. Click on the tick box if you want to add a Garage. Then, if you want an Armory, follow the same steps but with the Armory tab.

After you're happy with your selection, you can go ahead and buy the property. After you've bought it, the Agency will be instantly kitted out with the features you have chosen.

Renovate the Agency

The Agency building is an expensive investment and sometimes, it just isn't possible to buy all of the extras in one go. Luckily, you can add a Garage and an Armory later on once you have enough money. To do this, head to the Dynasty8 webpage and select your existing Agency property (it should be green).

GTA Online Dynasty8 Website showing current Agency and what is included in the current building. The cursor is hovering over the renovate button.
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Once you click on this, select "renovate" and this will open up a menu that's similar to the one you saw when you initially bought the property. You can choose to add a Garage or an Armory (or both) this way. When you have selected them, proceed with the renovations and the features you have chosen will be added to the Agency.

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