GTA Online Agency Locations & Prices: Which Location Is Best From The Contract Update

On December 15 2021 GTA Online added The Contract expansion to the game, and whilst Dr.Dre and many more musicians might have stolen the show, alongside lots of new cars, the biggest addition was the new Agency Business.

"Renowned Los Santos hustler Franklin Clinton has been making moves of his own," Rockstar explained in the initial reveal.

"Welcome to F. Clinton and Partner, a new “celebrity solutions agency” catering to the Vinewood elite in need of solutions to high-society problems."

Keen to know more, read on for everything you need to know about The Agency, including which location you should purchase.

GTA Online Agency Locations And Prices

GTA Online has four Agency locations all found within the city. You won't find any properties in the north of the map.

In terms of cost, the Agency prices range from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000. A sizeable chunk of cash you'll need to save up before you can purchase your Agency building of choice.

It's also worth noting that this is before you buy any additional upgrades for your property so you may end up spending a lot more on top.

You can buy The Agency property from Dynasty 8 Executive.

We've listed all Agency locations below in order of price, starting with the cheapest:

  • Little Seoul - $2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals - $2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills - $2,415,000
  • Hawick - $2,830,000

So you've got to decide which Agency location you want to buy, but before you do, it might help to know which location is best for your burgeoning criminal empire.

The Agency in GTA Online: The Contract Update
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What Is The BEST Agency Location To Buy In GTA Online?

So you want to buy an Agency property; but which should you pick?

The most important thing you can remember is that there is no right or wrong answer to the question because every Agency property is identical.

Just like any other property in the game, it's not quite as simple as just buying the most expensive one available. In this case, that's the Agency location in Hawick.

Generally speaking, the decision of which property is the best comes down to what is right for you, the player. For instance, you might have one location in mind because it's in a good spot in relation to the rest of your GTA Online properties.

You may want to be closer to the Diamond Casino & Resort, or your Arcade property. Again, there is no right or wrong decision. Most of the time it comes down to personal convenience.

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GTA Online Agency Upgrades

Once you've purchased your Agency location you can then start upgrading it. Some of these upgrades are simply cosmetic and offer no real advantage.

You can see a list of upgrades below:

  • The Armory - $720,000
  • New Vehicle Workshop - $800,000
  • Art Decor - $340,000
  • Wallpaper - $442,500
  • Lighting - $100,000
  • Personal Quarters - $275,000

We'll be updating this page shortly with more info as we learn more about The Agency property.

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