GTA Online: The Contract - How To Find the Agency Wall Safe

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GTA Online The Contract Player's Agency Office.

After you complete the first mission that is part of The Contract update for GTA Online, you will get a notification saying $250 has been added to your wall safe. However, as it's a safe, it's well hidden inside the building. This is why we're going to show you how to find the Agency wall safe and we explain how it works.

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How To Find the Agency Wall Safe

The wall safe is in your office inside The Agency. To find it, head into your office and face your desk. To the right of your desk, there should be a large panel on the lower half of the wall behind the desk. This is where you will find your hidden wall safe. To open it, walk up to it and use the prompted controls. After you are finished with it, use the same prompted controls to close it again.

GTA Online The Contract The player is standing in front of their open wall safe inside The Agency
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The safe location in the office may differ between buildings but the safe will always be inside the office.

What Is the Wall Safe?

The wall safe is where small daily cash payments are deposited for you as the owner of the Agency. This can eventually build up to a nice little bit of bonus money that you can collect for your own use by opening the safe. Also, when you enter your office you should see a small section appear at the bottom right of your screen. This will tell you how much money you currently have in your safe.

Remember to deposit your cash into the bank regularly or risk losing it all.

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