GTA Online: Mobile Operations Center Best Setup And Equipment To Choose

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It’s 2021 but GTA Online is still one of the more popular multiplayer games around, thanks to a ton of fun missions and various activities for players to do, including running various businesses that are illegal and dangerous, like any criminal mastermind.

The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) has been one of GTA Online’s most popular businesses since it gives players plenty of awesome vehicles to cause mayhem but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any busy work here, as players have to micromanage certain things.

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GTA Online: Mobile Operations Center Best Setup And Equipment To Choose

Once you have a MOC, GTA Online players will have to choose the best set-up for their base, not to mention the best equipment.

Players will have three slots in their MOC and are gonna have to customize them as time goes on or money is made. Now, here is the best setup you can have for your MOC in GTA Online.

For your first slot, you can choose between the Command Center ($320,000) or Living Quarters ($145,000) and, to be honest, players should just choose the Command Center.

Having a Command Center means you get access to turrets, while Living Quarters are just another place for players to sleep in.

Now, in the second slot you can choose between the Weapon Workshop ($245,000), the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop ($955,000), and the Living Quarters from last time, which we’ll now ignore.

Pick the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop so you can gain access to military vehicles and exclusive weapons you can’t get anywhere else and also fills the third option.

While there are options for a solo Weapons Workshop and Vehicle Storage, choosing Weapon & Vehicle Workshop is basically a two-in-one, so just stick with that.

GTA Online is now available.

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