GTA Online: How to Unlock and Start Mobile Operation Missions

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GTA Online is a great experience for those that love to play multiplayer games in their free time but there is a fair amount of grinding involved for some aspects since you need a lot of money to start opening businesses.

However, GTA Online also locks some missions away from players due to them being a part of businesses that you may not own yet and the same goes for the big Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Missions.

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GTA Online: How to Unlock and Start Mobile Operation Missions

You see, players need a Bunker if they want to own a MOC in GTA Online but Bunkers also have their own Supply Missions that can be done for extra money.

However, you actually need to complete a number of Supply Missions if you want access to MOC Missions and if you do them before buying a MOC it will still count.

Now, here are the MOC Missions and how many Supply Missions players need to beat to do them:

  • Severe Weather Patterns: 2 Supply Missions
  • Half-Track Bully: 4 Supply Missions
  • Exit Strategy: 6 Supply Missions
  • Offshore Assets: 8 Supply Missions
  • Cover Blown: 10 Supply Missions
  • Mole Hunt: 12 Supply Missions
  • Data Breach: 14 Supply Missions
  • Work Dispute: 16 Supply Missions

So yes, GTA Online players are gonna have to do a lot of Supply Missions so that they can gain access to the MOC Missions, which is annoying but that’s the game’s rules.

Luckily, the result is more than worth it since MOC Missions are fun, and just owning a MOC is great since you can get big trucks delivered to you whenever needed.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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