GTA Online Mobile Operations Center Max Payout Rewards

GTA Online continues to steamroll the competition when it comes to living your movie villain fantasies, letting you run illegal businesses, kill innocent people, and, if you’re really sick, calling in one of your mechanics to bring in a big truck so you can cause some mayhem.

Yes, thanks to the Mobile Operations Center (MOC) of GTA Online, violence through vehicles with guns is readily available, assuming you’ve bought a bunker and invested in an MOC of course.

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GTA Online Mobile Operations Center Max Payout Rewards

It’s not just violence that makes the GTA Online MOC useful, as it’s still a business and players can make money from it like they have with counterfeit cash and drugs.

While it’s not the most profitable business in GTA Online, there’s nothing wrong with making some cash on the side, plus, having an MOC means weaponized vehicles all the time so there’s very little to complain about.

Anyway, here are the various Mobile Operations you can do with the Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online and how much you can make from each of them.

  • Severe Weather Patterns - Take out a Merryweather supply line with a friend on a Weaponized Dune FAV to take their transported goods. Payout: $14,000.
  • Half-Track Bully - Sneak into an enemy base, and hack and steal their Half-Track so you can deliver it to your allies. Payout: $14,000.
  • Exit Strategy - Protect private planes as they take off from a runway using the Turreted Trailer to take out enemies. Payout: $15,000.
  • Offshore Assets - Head out to sea and recover goods from a sunken freighter, while fending off encroaching enemies. Payout: $16,000.
  • Cover Blown - Get to safety in a Mobile Operations Center, while having missiles fired at you from all angles. Payout: $14,000.
  • Mole Hunt - Use a Weaponized Tampa to take out signal jammers, in order to find and eliminate a rogue agent. Payout: $16,500.
  • Data Breach - Steal enemy Oppressor bikes and deliver them to your allies. Payout: $14,000.
  • Work Dispute - Use Oppressor bikes to hunt down a rogue Mobile Operations Center, as well as taking out ground support and recovering company equipment. Payout: $14,000.

GTA Online is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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