GTA 6: Rumours Of A Modern-Day Vice City Setting Reappear

Despite releasing GTA 5's latest big summer expansion in Los Santos Tuners, fans have been anticipating news for the long-awaited GTA 6.

With recent reports that the forthcoming game could release in 2024/2025 and may feature an evolving map, rumours surrounding the setting of the forthcoming adventure have resurfaced once again.

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GTA 6 Rumours Of A Modern-Day Vice City Setting Reappear

Rockstar's decade-long music supervisor soundtrack manager, Tony Mesones has posted an image of Miami Beach on his Instagram story. Though the post doesn't state anything about GTA 6 directly, he does link Rockstar games in the same story.

Due to the unusual linking of Rockstar games, fans have speculated that Mesones's trip to Miami Beach might be more than just a holiday.

The classic Vice City location of the original games was heavily inspired by Miami in terms of aesthetics, its beachy aura, and even some of the people, leading to the creation of the franchise's most iconic characters.

With rumors circulating that GTA 6 is set to introduce a modern-day Vice City setting, Mesones might be visiting Miami for business reasons. Or of course, the music supervisor could be enjoying his time off.

Even though it's going to be a while since we hear more news about GTA 6, the second-best-selling game of all time in GTA V continues to reign supreme, as the beloved episode will receive a next-generation launch this fall.

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