GTA 6: Vice City and Project Americas Teased by Take-Two

Hype is slowly building as we get closer (relatively) to the release of GTA 6.

Rumours have been spreading regarding the legitimacy of Vice City and Project Americas with this recent domain update.

Here's everything you need to know...

Project Americas and Vice City

Project Americas is the name given to the map expected to make an appearance in the upcoming GTA game.

The map is expected to be a culmination of all the GTA maps including San Fierro, Liberty City, Las Venturas, Los Santos and Vice City.

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This would be the ultimate GTA map that would likely not join together as one seamless experience but instead require loading between zones.

Rockstar Cartel Leak

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company to Rockstar Games, recently updated one of their website domains to "".

This has players excited, as it's believed to be a direct reference to the Cartel which is expected to be a large part of the GTA 6 storyline.

It has been rumoured the story will involve smuggling drugs across the border between South America and Miami, or more specifically, Vice City.

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Although this isn't confirmed, it has us excited for the possibility of Project Americas, and how the story will use each area to develop the narrative and characters.

Release Date

Unfortunately, no release date has been given for GTA 6.

All we know so far is that the game is in development and will have a largely single-player focussed experience.

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Fans have speculated GTA 6 will release as early as 2023, but with no official announcement, it's hard to anticipate what Rockstar has planned.

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