How to Create a Custom Radio in GTA 5

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GTA 5 is mostly the same game across all the systems it's available on, as most of them let players witness the story of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, as the three criminals take part in heists, among other criminal activities.

In terms of gameplay, almost everything is the same in all systems, so you can follow any guide when it comes to forming heists, taking care of business, and completing some missions but there are major differences in the new versions that make them a bit more enticing.

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How to Create a Custom Radio in GTA 5

For example, PC players of GTA 5 don’t only have the additional first-person view from the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but they also have a Custom Radio.

That’s right, the PC version lets you play songs from your computer in the game, which is pretty cool and probably makes a lot of console owners jealous.

Granted, you’ll be busy with a number of activities but there’s always time to relax in your car.

So, prepare your favorite songs and make sure they’re either MP3, M4A, and WMA so they will work in the game.

Add your songs to the User Music folder on your profile, and the game should read it, leading you to the Custom Radio menu, which should make a lot of people happy.

If there’s a chance that the game doesn’t immediately take you to Custom Radio, go to audio options in settings and perform either a quick or full scan so the music files can be discovered.

GTA 5’s Custom Radio is only available on PC, though you can still get the game on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.