GTA Online Player Makes Nostalgic Deep Sea Discovery

A promo screenshot of GTA Online's submersible.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

Thanks to the age of GTA Online, the vast majority of its map is very much charted territory, with the most hardcore of players standing a good chance of being able to navigate throughout San Andreas with their eyes closed.

That said, for most players, this expertise is limited to the land mass itself, where the predominance of both GTA 5 and GTA Online’s gameplay takes place. Naturally, this means that for a lot of people, the bed of the ocean that surrounds this island remains relatively unexplored.

This can lead to some interesting discoveries when such players finally decide to hop in a submersible or Toreador and take the plunge into the deep blue depths, as a recent Reddit thread has proven.

Bizarre Curiosities Await GTA’s Aquatic Adventurers

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Caryelah began a thread by sharing a clip of them exploring the ocean bed near Paleto Bay, only to stumble across a strange square device nestled among some rocks, captioning it: “There's a strange thing at the bottom just north of the airliner wreck in Paleto Bay. What could this be? Unfortunately I couldn't get very close to it because it is deeper than the crush depth.”

A number of users were quick to identify the object in question as likely being the technological prototype stolen during GTA 5 story mode’s Merryweather Heist and subsequently abandoned by the protagonists on the instructions of Lester.

If this is true, the discovery demonstrates how little GTA Online’s map has changed over the years, as despite regular updates having moved the game’s timeline gradually forwards, there are still many areas left unchanged since the times of the base game, which is now set almost a decade ago in 2013.

On the subject of the object being below the game’s crush depth, user XMM234 revealed an intriguing look at how, as far as they’re aware, the story mode heist involving the device circumvents this mechanic, saying: “They used a special buffed submarine for this mission, with greater crush depth.”

On the other hand, one user wasn’t even aware the game had a crush depth mechanic, with Caryelah responding that “500 feet is the limit”.

A few other users offered humorous alternative explanations of what the device could be, with Prestigious_Shake800 saying: “That's where Rockstar stores all of the excess XP and money it refuses to payout on jobs and heists. Storing it below crush depth ensures no one will ever find it.”

Meanwhile, user Wizardnil responded to the question with more of a desperate plea, suggesting that the device could contain the elusive GTA 6.

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