GTA Online Players Discuss Best ‘Ease of Life’ Purchase

An imagine of three high-performance GTA V cars

Life as a criminal mastermind in GTA Online can be hard, so it’s important to make a purchase with some practical impetus behind it every so often, just to make sure you aren’t rushed off your feet.

While you might have been saving up for that superfluous supercar with ten million horsepower and leopard hide seats, there might be some better options out there for the discerning player who values their time.

This is exactly what some players on the GTA Online Reddit page have been discussing, sharing in-game investments that’ve paid off for them.

GTA Online Players Discuss ‘Ease of Life’ Purchases

Kicking things off was user godemperorcrystal, who began the thread by identifying the Sparrow helicopter, an add-on for the Cayo Perico Heist’s Kosatka submarine, as their best purchase.

Some other users concurred, with MitTiger saying: “sparrow is so useful, even if you're not doing the Cayo Perico Setups” and Rare-Outside-8105 adding: “it can outrun broomstick missiles as long as you fly in a straight line and don't go left or right”.

One alternative option presented was the master control terminal, which comes with the Diamond Casino Heist’s arcade properties and is great for the enterprising individual, as MeraWoah explains, they’ve “saved so much time having access to every business from one location”.

For more old-school players, the Buzzard helicopter got a little bit of love as a convenient vehicle for getting out of jams, even if it’s arguably outclassed by newer helicopters like the Sparrow and Volatus.

In terms of weaponry, the Up'n Atomizer was highly recommended, with user zyl15 saying it’s “saved hella ton of my sales just because I'm a trash driver”.

A more controversial vehicle also got some praise, with user TkMacintosh saying: “As much as people dislike the vehicle, the Oppressor Mk2 has made getting around the map SO much easier and makes doing any of the freemode missions 10xs easier.”

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