GTA Online Best Auto Shop Location

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Rockstar Games new update GTA Online Los Santos Tuners arrives today and it's going to add a new Auto Shop Business.

That means even more ways to make money day to day outside your existing hustles.


So whilst you might already have plenty of means of making money, the new Auto Shop will be just as welcome if you're looking to make extra cash to purchase the new cars coming to the game.

Officially, here's what we know about the update:

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In addition to a ton of action-packed, Tuner-based missions and races, this update introduces the LS Car Meet, a gigantic, shared social space where you and your cherished personal vehicle can mingle freely with fellow car fans to race, show off your customized vehicles, and even link up with shady contacts looking for skilled drivers and a chance at easy money.

However, some well-informed leakers have announced there's also a new business. Info is limited for the time being, but read on, we'll tell you everything there is to know.

What does Auto Shop Business do in GTA Online

According to leaks, here's what we know about the Auto Shop Business:

  • 5 different Auto Shops are available to purchase.
  • Auto Shop is like a business - you earn daily cash and for selling specific vehicles
  • Auto Shops can be customized/upgraded with the usual stuff (crew emblem, crew name, personal quarters, staff, wall variants, etc.), car lift needs to be unlocked

Where are the Auto Shops locations in GTA Online

Before you can do anything you must first visit the LS Car Meet area. If this is your first time playing the game since the new update was added.

You then need to go to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website where you can purchase your new Auto Shop business.

From here you can choose to purchase any one of 5 Auto Shops located in Los Santos.

You can see all 5 Auto Shops available and their price, just below:

  • La Mesa Auto Shop - $1,920,000
  • Burton Auto Shop - $1,830,000
  • Rancho Auto Shop - $1,750,000
  • Strawberry Auto Shop - $1,705,000
  • Mission Row Auto Shop - $1,670,000

You can see all Auto Shop locations on the map below:

GTA Online Auto Shop Locations On A Map
The Auto Shop locations in GTA Online

How much does an Auto Shop Business cost?

As you can see from the list above, the Auto Shops vary in price from as low as $1,670,000 all the way up to $1,920,000.

Obviously, none of this includes any extra costs you might incur from buying upgrades, but at least we know the starter cost required to set up this new business.

What is the BEST Auto Shop Location in GTA Online?

So you want to buy an Auto Shop; but which should you pick?


The most important thing you can remember is that there is no right or wrong answer to the question because all Auto Shop locations are identical in their purpose.

It's not quite as simple as just buying the most expensive Auto Shop in the game. You don't get anything extra by paying for the La Mesa Auto Shop. You just pay more.

Generally speaking, the decision of which is the best Auto Shop location could come down to what's right for you as a player. For instance, it's best practice to buy a new business location that's relatively close to the rest of your existing GTA Online properties.

There's no point buying one that is needlessly out of the way and miles from all your other businesses. That's just a waste of time and effort.

We'll have a more thorough breakdown on the best Auto Shop location later today, but given that most Auto Shops are located in the city, it could be as simple as which business is closest to the LC Car Meet or perhaps your arcade business.

[more info coming today]

GTA Online Auto Shop Upgrades

There are a lot of potential upgrades for your Auto Shop. Whilst the basic business will cost under 2 million to start, a fully customised Auto Shop with all the best upgrades could cost upwards of $4,250,000.


These upgrades can be split into five different categories. Style, Tints, Emblems, Staff and Memberships.

You can see the various upgrades costs below:

Auto Shop Style Upgrades

  1. Undressed (Free)
  2. Flawless (+ $265,000)
  3. Polished (+ $275,000)
  4. Concret Chic (+ 285,000)
  5. Nostalgia Trip (+ $325,000)
  6. Route 68 (+ $340,000)
  7. Super Chibi (+ $360,000)
  8. Wildstyle (+ $425,000)
  9. Race and Chase (+ $450,000)

Auto Shop Tint Upgrades

  1. Yellow (Free)
  1. White (+ $187,500)
  2. Brown (+ $187,500)
  3. Green (+ $187,500)
  4. Orange (+ $187,500)
  5. Red (+ $187,500)
  6. Purple (+ $187,500)
  7. Blue (+ $187,500)
  8. Violet (+ $187,500)

Auto Shop Emblem Upgrades

You can choose from one of 8 preset Emblems, or use your custom Crew Emblem:

  • Crew Emblem (Free)
  • Hot Rod (Free)
  • Americana (+ $62,000)
  • Euro (+ $68,500)
  • Modern (+ $75,500)
  • JPN (+ $85,000)
  • Wildstyle (+ $94,500)
  • Joystick (+ $104,500)

You can also add your Crew Name in your Auto Shop interior for an added cost of $50,000.


Auto Shop Staff Upgrades

  • Staff Member 1 (+ $385,000)
  • Staff Member 2 (+ $385,000)

Auto Shop Extras

Add personal quarters, with a wardrobe, gun locker and a comfortable spot to lie down and relax to the soothing sounds of auto repairs. A second car lift will allow you repair two cars at once, ready for delivery. Double the work, double the pay.
  • Personal Quarters (+ $340,000)
  • Car Lift (+ $650,000)

Auto Shop Membership Upgrades

You may think you know cars, but are you a member of the Los Santos Car Meet? If the answer is anything other than a firm "yes", then consider your expert status "pending..."
  • LS Car Meet Membership (+ $50,000)

GTA Online Auto Shop Profits

If you want to do the math and try and work out your max profit from your Auto Shop, we would suggest having a quick look at

This website calculator allows you to input your business location, potential upgrades and your performance stats.

Handy if you want to see what sort of profit your newly acquired business will be bringing in.