Godfall's Latest Expansion 'Fire And Darkness' Unveiled, PS4 Launch Date Set

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Initially launching with the PS5, Godfall has now set to arrive on the PS4, confirming previously leaked reports.

It looks like a date has been set for the last-gen release, coinciding with the arrival of its newest expansion.

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Godfall's Latest Expansion 'Fire And Darkness' Unveiled, PS4 Launch Date Set

Counterplay Games has revealed more details about its aforementioned DLC, Fire And Darkness.

<img src="godfall1.jpg" alt="fire and darkness cover image with three figures looking on in purple environment">

CEO Keith Lee has pointed out that players will traverse into the Fire Realm. You will face the deadly Flameblood Tribe, who are trying to stop you from reaching Kosmera.

Alongside the expansion, a free patch in the challenging Lightbringer Update will also be available:

Need an even greater challenge? The Lightbringer Update, which is free for all players, introduces the all-new endgame Lightbringer mode for those that have achieved level 50. The Sanctum’s light has been trapped, and the most powerful knights will be needed to release and spread it, building up enough strength to face the all-consuming darkness.
<img src="godfall2.jpg" alt="landscape image of purple flowers that are lying along many trees ahead of the night sky">

The mode places focus on co-op play, as you and two other players will need to work together to seal Dark Tears and allow for the Light of Seventh Sanctum to illuminate the land.

Adding more than 50+ cosmetics for Valorplates, the update adds a new item tier in Cursed Items. These items are extremely powerful and will cause a massive reaction if the curse is lifted from items.

<img src="godfall3.jpg" alt="godfall customisation screen with new cursed items slot">

Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing have set an August 10th release date for the Fire and Darkness expansion and Lightbringer Update. This day also marks the launch of a PS4 version for Godfall. Those who purchase a PS4 copy will also receive a PS5 upgrade completely free.