Godfall: How to Get a Deathblow

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Godfall might be a flawed game but a lot of fans have forgiven its looter-slasher due to how fun the combat can be, which allows for satisfying moments that the game should teach you better.

While the game isn’t particularly user-friendly, which is why so many people have criticized it, some of the combat mechanics are really fun to pull off so Godfall isn’t the trash fire many think it is, though it’s not an underrated gem either.

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Godfall: How to Get a Deathblow

One of the cooler things you can execute in Godfall is a Deathblow, which is one of the more satisfying things players can pull off in the game, giving them immediate satisfaction.

It’s not too complicated to pull off, especially if you’ve got experience with action games, but some players have had trouble doing it so we’re here to help.

First, make sure you’ve purchased the skill, which comes from the Finesse part of the upgrade tree.

Once you have purchased Deathblow, follow the steps below so you can execute this awesome move.

  • Initiate a fight with an enemy.
  • Wait for the enemy to strike and perry or block the attack.
  • Once you do, a weak point will appear on the enemy, aim at it and strike!
  • You must be precise because if you are off-target, you won’t get a Deathblow

Skills that allow you to do a lot of damage after a parry is great and the fact that Godfall has one of them means it’s a better game than most people give it credit for.

Hopefully, updates will improve the game and people will give it a bigger chance but we’ll have to wait.

Godfall is now available on the PS5 and PC.