Godfall: New trailer reveals a character class for PS5's big looter-slasher

Godfall, Gearbox and Counterplay Games melee-focused looter, has got a new trailer showcasing Silvermane, a new character class.

It's only around thirty seconds long and doesn't show any gameplay, with the description reading "Be lionhearted and ascend with Silvermane".

Things had been a little quiet for Godfall, with the game being the first fully-announced PlayStation 5 title at the Game Awards 2019.

Thankfully, this short and sweet trailer suggests the game is still coming this year to both PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store.

The only other real news about Godfall was a leaked gameplay video that the developers claimed is actually an old build, promising the game looks even better now. You can see that gameplay below.

As far as we know, Godfall remains an exclusive for PS5, and will not appear on Xbox platforms.

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