New Ghost of Tsushima DLC May Have Leaked

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What is the next Ghost of Tsushima DLC?

According to some industry insiders, it’s called Ghost of Ikishima — not Legends 2, as some speculated earlier in the year — and may release sometime later in 2021.


The general idea is that Sone will announce the new Ghost of Tsushima DLC at its rumored PlayStation Experience event reportedly taking place in July.

XboxEra co-founder Shpeshal Nick first leaked the DLC and called it an “expandalone” game similar to Gears Hivebusters or Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

However, he said he’s not certain if the Ghost of Tsushima DLC will be cross-generation like Miles Morales is.

New Ghost of Tsushima DLC May Have Leaked

These Ghost of Ikishima rumors explain why Sucker Punch was hiring for entry level positions recently and not more advanced roles.

The team is presumably working with existing systems and the framework already established in the original game, making it a good testing ground for a newer developer.


Since Ghost of Ikishima is rumored to be similar to Gears Hivebusters, it seems possible it would be a meatier expansion than Legends and possibly a single-player experience instead of a multiplayer one.

Whatever the case, it’s potentially not the only project Sucker Punch is working on.

The studio is also hiring a senior writer for an as-yet unannounced project.