Sucker Punch Might Be Developing Ghost of Tsushima Legends 2

Sucker Punch could already be developing Ghost of Tsushima Legends 2.

A new job posting on Sucker Punch’s website is requesting a skilled multiplayer and network programmer for work on servers and at least one cloud-based project.

The position is close to an entry level position, so one could reasonably conclude Sucker Punch doesn’t need to develop brand-new systems and processes for whatever this project is.

Additionally, it’s not as if Sucker Punch has online or network-based games in abundance.

With all the Ghost of Tsushima 2 rumors swirling and the success of the original Legends, it makes sense if Sucker Punch is planning on a Ghost of Tsushima Legends 2.

Of course, that’s just one possibility.

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Sucker Punch Might Be Developing Ghost of Tsushima Legends 2

Given how popular GoT Legends was, Sucker Punch could be planning a standalone Ghost of Tsushima Legends 2 game separate from any possible Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Or it could be simply an expansion to the original Legends.

Whatever the case, we know we won’t be hearing any Ghost of Tsushima announcements at E3 2021.

Sony, Sucker Punch’s parent company, isn’t attending the 2021 E3.

Any news on Sony first-party games will be coming from future PlayStation State of Play episodes or shadow drop announcements.

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[Source: Sucker Punch]

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