Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations

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Genshin impact, lumenspar locations

Genshin Impact's recent update added a huge amount of content to The Chasm area, which means the Lumenstone Adjuvant is more important than ever. You're going to want to upgrade it, and here is how to find all the Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact to get it upgraded.

The Lumenspars are not to be confused with the Lumenstone Ore; the ores are only needed for certain Adjuvant upgrade levels, whereas multiple Lumenspars are needed for each level.


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Lumenspar Locations

Lumenspar locations, Genshin Impact
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Lumenspars are plentiful, but can be hard to find without any guidance. Our map shows all of the locations, and you can use the official interactive map to check off your progress. There's a total of 80 Lumenspar to find.


You'll know when you're close to any as a sound will play, and you'll see it like the Oculi in the overworld.

There are seven different areas that make up the Chasm, and Lumenspars are scattered over all of them. Here's how many are in each:

  • Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel - 14
  • Main Mining Area - 16
  • Underground Waterway - 11
  • Nameless Ruins - 15
  • Stony Halls - 6
  • The Glowing Narrows - 13
  • The Serpent's Cave - 5

Lumenstone Adjuvant Upgrades

Lumenspar locations, Genshin Impact

You'll want the Lumenstone Adjuvant equipped while you spelunk the mines, as it can light your surroundings a little, and can activate certain challenges within the Chasm. It can also get rid of the Oozing Concretions that are found on the floor. Most importantly, it helps defeat the new Ruin Serpent boss.

The shiny blue gadget that accompanies you through the Chasm can be upgraded up to ten times. These upgrades require Lumenspars, and some Lumenstone Ore. The NPC Jinwe, located at the campsite, is where you can upgrade the Adjuvant.

Here are the ten levels, and what you'll need to upgrade to each:

Level Materials Upgrades Reward
18 x Lumenspar Can store three energy.Fragile Resin
28 x Lumenspar, 1 Lumenstone OreBlooming Light unlocked.2 x Acquaint Fates
38 x Lumenspar Can store four energy. Range and brightness increased.2 x Philosophies of Prosperity
48 x Lumenspar Can store six energy.Crown of Insight
58 x Lumenspar Can store seven energy. Blooming Light cooldown reduced.2 x Philosophies of Diligence
68 x Lumenspar, 1 Lumenstone OreBlooming Light upgraded to level 2.2 x Acquaint Fates
78 x Lumenspar Can store nine energy.2 x Philosophies of Gold
88 x Lumenspar, 1 Lumenstone OreCan store 10 energy. Blooming Light can now search for nearby Lumenspar.2 x Intertwined Fates
98 x Lumenspar Using Blooming Light refills stamina. Sprints available in Oozing Filth.Northlander Billet Trove
108 x Lumenspar Maxed out levels, congratulations.Lumens, Stone of Light Namecard

Lumenstone Ore will be gained as rewards while you progress through The Chasm's related story quests.