Genshin Impact: Why Cryo Characters Are Great For Patch 1.7

Mihoyo has long revealed that Inazuma will be the nation of Electro according to the Genshin Impact lore. The developers have also confirmed the region's Electro-themed design. Preparing for this region would definitely need Cryo characters to face what come ahead.

Electro Enemies

Every region in Teyvat, particularly Mondstadt and Liyue, have some unique monsters that are themed with region's main element. In Mondstadt, Anemo Slimes and sightings of the Eye of The Storm are more usual.

Meanwhile, Liyue has Geovishaps that use Geo powers to toughen up to the Traveler's attacks or even adapt a new element using Geo's adaptability. It's highly possible to see enemies in Inazuma that will use more Electro element attacks to fight the Traveler.

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Cryo Characters

To prepare for the new enemies, Genshin Impact players can prepare through having a high level Cryo character. In the player's travels against fighting Hypostasis bosses, Cicin mages, and the Fatui soldiers, Cryo proves to be the best element in breaking Electro shields.

It'll be a big help to have at least one Cryo character ready to remove these shields. It'll be best to use characters that can keep applying the Cryo damage against foes such as Ganyu, Eula, Chongyun and Kaeya. So far, the Electro enemies encountered often become a pain to deal with once their Electro shields are up.

One New Cryo Character Coming Up

On Inazuma's release, Kamisato Ayaka is one of the awaited characters that'll be playable in Genshin Impact soon. Ayaka is a Cryo character that wields a sword in battle similar to Kaeya.

According to leaks, Ayaka can be a selfish Cryo carry that continuously deals Cryo damage at any of her attacks. Players who can get this character early once Inazuma arrives could expect their Inazuma adventure to be more than a breeze than the current cast of playable Cryo characters.

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