Genshin Impact: How To Use Parametric Transformer

Albeit forgettable, the Parametric Transformer is a Genshin Impact gadget that allows players to transmute loot pickups into character improvement items. This tool can be handy in making extra Talent Books or Hero's Wits for your characters. Here's how you can use this item wisely.

What Is The Parametric Transformer?

Once obtained, the Parametric Transformer will be the Gadgets pouch of your inventory. The item is unique as the Traveler instantly deploys the gadget instead of equipping the item in your Gadgets quickslot in the open world.

The Parametric Transformer works similarly to the Portable Stove where players will interact with this floating item. Interacting with the transformer will prompt the Traveler to fill it up to the max with any item pickups they wish to transmute.

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Powered By The Elements

Once the gadget is loaded up with loot, players will need to keep hitting it with Elemental damage to power it up. The reward will only come out if the Parametric Transformer hits a 100% charge on it.

The Parametric Transformer rewards players depending on the quality of loot that was fed to it but can still be extremely random in nature. The best rewards from this gadget can be 20,000 Mora, 2nd Tier Talent Books, 3-star Weapon Ascension materials, Mystic Enhancement Stones, and Elemental Gemstones.

Where To Get The Parametric Transformer

If still not in your inventory, the Parametric Transformer can be obtained from Lan near the Liyue Adventurer's Guild branch. She can be seen hanging out near a bulletin board near Katherine's kiosk. Lan's Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest will reward this item to the players once it has been completed.

While a useful item, the Parametric Transformer can be a forgettable item to use for many newcomers in Genshin Impact. Since it needs loot to use, some players will opt to use the items as cooking ingredients, crafting materials, and even ascension requirements than item transmutation.

Players who have loot reaching thousands may enjoy using this gadget alot. However, Mihoyo has placed an 7-day item cooldown for the Parametric Transformer which prevents rapid farming of items through this gadget.

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