Genshin Impact - Everything We Know So Far About the Electro Traveler

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Genshin Impact continues to be one of the more popular free-to-play games out there, thanks to its great character designs and solid gameplay, with the recent release of the 1.6 update fans are starting to wonder what comes next.

Well, Genshin Impact’s 1.7 Update is the next content batch to arrive in the next month, and with it, a new region called Inazuma will be showcased, with new challenges, story quests, and even new characters. One of those characters is the new Electro Variant for the Traveler, which shows great potential as Electro DPS based on recent leaks.

Electro Traveler - Character Overview, Skills, and Talents

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The protagonist of the game, the Traveler, can change their own Vision Element at will by using the Statues of the Seven. So far we know the ones from Mondstadt and Liyue, which unlock the Anemo and Geo vision, but with the upcoming patch and the new region Inazuma, we will see a new Vision for us to use, this time an Electro one.

Note: Some of the names for the following Attacks, Skills, Constellations, and Burst Abilities are temporary, literal translations from the leaks. The official translation may differ.

Normal Attack - Shocking Foreign Lightning

Normal attack
Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes.

Charged attack
Consumes the stamina and immediately strike forward twice.

Plunging attack
Descends into the ground from the air, dealing AOE damage to opponents upon landing.

Elemental Skill - Lightning Shadow Blade

Perform a slash that strikes out three lightning shadows that will deal Electro damage to the opponent and leave a magatama when it hits. Initially, you can only produce a maximum of two magatamas. Using abilities will clear away the magatamas produced.

The magatama will be absorbed when it is near the character, and the character will gain the following effect: Regenerates elemental energy, and in a certain duration, increase elemental energy recharge proficiency.

Elemental Burst - Revolving Thunder

Calls upon the thunder to surround the Traveler, knocking back nearby enemies and dealing Electro damage. When the thunder is surrounding your character on the field, normal attacks and charged attacks’ hits will summon thunderstrike, dealing Electro damage to opponents.

When a thunderstrike hits an opponent, it will generate energy particles for the current character. A thunderstrike can only be summoned every 0.5 seconds.


Increased the maximum amount of magatama produced to 3 when unleashing Lightning Shadow Blade.
The Raging Thunders
When thunder strikes caused by Revolving Thunder hits an opponent, it will decrease the opponent’s Electro res by 15 seconds, for 8 seconds.
Continuous Thunder
Increases the level of Revolving Thunder by 3, up to a maximum level of 15.
Unpredictable Thunderstorm
When a character absorbs the magatama produced by lightning shadow, the following effects will take place:

  • If the current character’s elemental energy is below 35%, the magatama’s Energy Regeneration will increase by 100%.

The Wild Thunder
Increases the level of Lightning Shadow Blade by 3, up to a maximum level of 15.
The Thunder of God Which Shook the Earth
Each time Revolving Thunder triggers 2 lightning strikes, the damage of the next lightning strike will increase by 100%, and regenerate an additional 1 elemental energy for the current character.

Electro Traveler - Release Date

We will see the Electro Traveler arriving into the game once Patch 1.7 releases and the new upcoming region, Inazuma, is introduced. While there isn’t any release date confirmed, this Electro Variant will be surely tied to the Inazuma’s main story quests.

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