Genshin Impact: How To Get Rewards From Distant Voyage Event

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Mihoyo has recently released the Distant Voyage web event for more in-game rewards for Genshin Impact. For this event, players will help Kaedehara Kazuha to build a boat. Here’s how you can claim rewards from this event

Building a Boat

To complete the Distant Voyage event, players will need to craft parts of Kazuha’s boat. The boat parts come in batches of three and must be finished up first. All in all, Kazuha needs to complete nine parts of the boat to finally sail.


The event will run from June 24 up until July 3. Each day, players will have three crafting events per day as long as all the daily Distant Voyage quests are done. At best, players will only need three days to give for the event to finish them all.

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Complete For Rewards

The rewards will be given out once Kazuha’s boat is completed. The rewards given out for this event will be given out only after the boat is fully complete. The rewards include in-game items such as Primogems, Experience items, or Enchantment Ores.


Additionally, Mihoyo will also be giving out a Kazuha wallpaper for mobile devices once the event is cleared. 

Lore Related

In the story, many Inazuma residents are fleeing the region due to the Vision Hunt Decree. This decree was mentioned in Kazuha’s trailer and Zhongli is one of the game’s story quest after defeating Osial. In Inazuma, Visions are confiscated for the Electro Archon’s use. Zhongli notes that the decree is the Electro Archon’s way of enforcing authority as the God of Eternity.

Due to the manhunt of people with Visions and generally violent way of securing it, many Inazuma residents are escaping the island nation and often find themselves in Liyue. Potentially, the boat could’ve been Kazuha’s way to escape the island before becoming a crew member of The Crux captained by Beidou.


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