Genshin Impact Guide: How To Obtain Dandelion Seeds

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Genshin Impact presents the players with Teyvat, a rich world full of adventures, monsters, weapons, and items of different categories. Today we will talk about the Dandelion Seeds, an item easy to obtain across the Mondstadt region but in short supply that we will need to ascend several characters, and to craft some useful items as well.

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What are Dandelions?

Dandelions are flowers that are commonly found across the Mondstadt Nation, especially around the city. However, to get their seeds you need to hit them with Anemo damage, after which the dandelions will fade, leaving behind the item we want. For specific locations, check our useful map below:

What Are the Dandelion Seeds Needed For?

Dandelion Seeds are needed for several purposes. First and foremost, they serve as Ascension Materials for the following characters:


We will also need them to craft the following items:

Gushing Essential Oil
Increases all party members' Anemo damage by 25% for 300 seconds.

Windbarrier Potion
Increases all party members' Anemo Resistance by 25% for 300 seconds.

Anemoculus Resonance Stone
A stone that can be used in Mondstadt to search for nearby Anemoculi.