Genshin Impact Contending Tides Arena Challenges Coming Soon

The Windblume Festival might be winding down, but Genshin Impact’s Contending Tides is here to add even more challenges as the second half of Genshin’s 1.4 update approaches.

Contending Tides begins April 2 at the usual 4 a.m. (local time) server refresh time.

Genshin Impact’s Contending Tides is a set of arena fights open for anyone with an Adventure Rank of 20 or higher.

Unlike the rest of the Windblume Events, it seems there’s no story quest completion barrier, and Contending Tides is open to anyone who meets that criteria.

While there’s no special character tied to Genshin Impact Contending Tides, completing its challenges earns you some generous rewards.

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What is Genshin Impact Contending Tides?

Genshin Impact Contending Tides takes place in Dadaupa Gorge in southeastern Mondstadt.

It’s where the Sword Cemetery quest unfolded, specifically, in the Meaty Arena.

You’ll be tasked with fighting several monsters, but the challenge isn’t only in the opponents.

Successfully clearing each Contending Tides battle involves completing three unique objectives you won’t know about until you start.

If you clear the higher difficulties, you automatically clear the easy and normal-level challenges without having to engage in the fights.

Genshin Impact Contending Tides Resin Cost

Unlike other recurring battle events, Contending Tides costs no original resin.

Genshin Impact Contending Tides Rewards

Clearing the battles and objectives earns you:

  • Primogems
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Hero’s Wit items
  • Talent items
  • Mora

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