Genshin Impact: Free Barbara Summertime Sparkle Outfit Now Obtainable

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At the second day of the new Genshin Impact 1.6 summer event, players will get access to the other parts of the islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago. More than a larger area to explore, players can actually aim to unlock the new Barbara costume as early as now. Here’s how to obtain the new Barbara Outfit fast.

Barbara Summertime Sparkle Outfit

As seen on the Echoing Tales, Barbara’s outfit will be rewarded after picking up 24 Echoing Conches. Opening more areas in the Golden Apple Archipelago islands will give players access to enough Echoing Conches to get the costume. However, players will need to visit all four regions of the archipelago to get enough conches.


Similar to Jean’s outfit, Barbara’s new outfit is purely cosmetic and adds no benefit to her stats in battle. Players can also wear the outfit outside of the event area.

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How To Obtain

Going to all four isles will give you enough conches for her costume
Going to all four isles will give you enough conches for her costume

Once the massive low tide after one of the event quests, players can now explore and find the conches. Mihoyo designed the conches to immediately show its location on your minimap even when fairly far from it. It’s easier to find and collect than the Anemoculus and Geoculus. However, players will still have to look high and low for these small conches lying on the floor.

Requirements To Unlock

Upon arriving on the Golden Apple Archipelago, players will find a massive fog enveloping the whole archipelago. Before they can aim to start finding more of these conches, the fog needs to be cleared and one more quest. Players will need to accomplish the quest where Klee finds three mysterious structures suddenly appearing on the ocean and the party destroys it.


Destroying the structures will trigger a massive low tide that reveals more areas of each of the islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Without unlocking more of the island areas in the archipelago, it is impossible to earn enough Echoing Conches to get the costume.

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