Genshin Impact Apple Locations: How to Find and Where to Farm

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A humble and common item required for a few recipes and the occasional timed event quest is the Genshin Impact apple.

They're still handy to keep around, as you never know when you'll need some to cook or craft with. Finding apples is fairly easy, as they're a bountiful spawn in most of Monstadt. Specifically around the Stormbearer Mountains. Apples will need to be picked from trees, but can be found on the ground under them. You'll also randomly find apples at other points as well, including investigation points, and you can buy them from a Liyue merchant. The reset rate is 24 hours, the same as other non-rare plants, making it easy to grab a load at once as some of the apple locations are right next to each other.


Tired of trawling the world looking for certain items? We have guides for that. First, here's some codes to get some extra Primogems, and a tier list to see how your team holds up. There's also a handy guide to fishing, if you want a more relaxing Teyvat experience.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations

Image showing Genshin Impact apple locations

You’ll find Genshin Impact's Apples throughout the Stormbearer Mountains area, but especially right around the teleport waypoint there. There are a couple of trees right near the teleport waypoint. There are also some dropped apples in Windwail Highland and Starfell Valley.


You can also buy apples from Bolai in Liyue Harbor for 240 Mora - he has ten in stock. While you're in Liyue, you can find more Cuihua trees which have apples ripe for the picking.

Breakable crates, barrels, and pots have a chance of having apples, too.

Apple Farming

Apples, like other common plants and objects, respawn 24 hours after you pick them. Bolai the Liye merchant restocks ten of them as well, though this is after three days.

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Apple Uses

Apple is an ingredient in the following:

  • Satisfying Salad (increases critical rate by 12%)
  • Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss (increases critical rate for entire party by 16% for 300 seconds)
  • Northern Apple Stew (restores 32% HP)

Apples also restore 300 HP to your chosen character, so they're useful to keep around for recovery when you don't want to use a more valuable meal.