Gears 5: ALL Weapons, Guns, Grenades And Technology In The New Gears of War Game

The weapons and guns in Gears of War 5 are some of the most terrifying, from the Digger to the Gnash, these tools can decimate any opponent who gets in your way. From the single player campaign to multiplayer, here is a list of every weapon available to you on the 10th September, 2019 (Early Access on 6th September). For those looking to improve their multiplayer gameplay using the weapons listed can read more here.

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Gears 5 Weapons List

  • Adrenaline Injector - The Adrenaline Injector is a face mask worn by Coalition of Ordered Governments Hivebusters. After the Venom Bomb, it is the Hivebusters' most vital piece of equipment, as it uses adrenaline to awaken them while they are within a Pod, allowing them to cut their way out and begin their mission. This equipment is featured in the brand new Escape Mode.
  • Bolo Grenade - The Bolo Grenade is a throwable fragmentation grenade.
  • Boltok Pistol - The Boltok Pistol is a Locust inspired magnum revolver side-arm.
  • Boomshot Grenade Launcher - The Boomshot Grenade Launcher is a single-shot, pump-action grenade launcher designed and used by the Locust.
  • Breaker Mace - The Breaker Mace is a Swarm melee weapon used to bludgeon opponents. Crystal fragments from Locust Shellswere affixed to a motorized rod with rotating segments, so that when activated, the weapon's crystal teeth would rotate as the wielder swung it.
  • Buzzkill - The Buzzkill is a heavy weapon that, after a small wind-up time, fires buzzsaws for as long as the trigger is pressed. These buzzsaws ricochet off hard surfaces.
  • Chain Gun - The Chain Gun was a large, high-caliber, electrically-cycled, fully automatic, heavy gatling gun employed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments military. It was usually mounted as an offensive weapon on vehicles, such as the King Raven and Assault Derrick, and was seen on the Tyro Pillar. It could also be used as a stationary emplacement gun on fortifications for defense. It employed the Gatling-gun principle, in which six revolving barrels rotate around the firing axis.
  • Claw Light Machine Gun - The Claw Light Machine Gun is a Swarm magazine-fed machine gun developed in the early stages of the Swarm War.
  • Combat Knife - The Combat Knife is a type of melee weapon that allows the user to perform a close quarter combat attack after grabbing or kicking an enemy from behind cover.
  • Cryo Cannon - The Cryo Cannon was a man-portable scientific instrument that dispensed an endothermic chemical in a gaseous form.
  • Dropshot Munitions Launcher - The Dropshot Munitions Launcher is a modified mining tool that fires an aerial mine/drill bit which floats in a straight line over the battlefield for as long as the trigger is pressed. Once released, the mine will spin downwards violently, detonating after it hits the ground. When a direct hit on an enemy is achieved, the mine will often drill into their head, decapitating them and causing their body to convulse until the mine detonates. If the mine hits anything, including an enemy, before the trigger is released, it will bounce off whatever it hits and explode after a short time.
  • EMBAR Railgun - The EMBAR Railgun or Electromagnetic Break Action Railgun is a charge-shot, sniper rifle that fires electro-magnetic accelerated rounds that penetrate through enemies; they lack a scope and the weapon's ability to penetrate through enemies allows for multiple kills.
  • Enforcer Submachine Gun - The Enforcer Submachine Gun is a compact SMG with a high rate of fire and is inaccurate when the trigger is held down.
  • Flashbang - The Flashbang is a non-lethal flash grenade created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments.
  • Gnasher Shotgun - The Gnasher Shotgun is a short-barreled, lever-action military shotgun that was commonly deployed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments' Gears.
  • Hammerburst II - The Hammerburst II was the Locust standard-issue, high-powered assault rifle designed by the Locust. The Hammerburst II possessed an automatic and a semi-automatic fire mode.
  • Incendiary Grenade - The Incendiary Grenade is an improvised explosive device created by Stranded forces. It is a simple device, consisting of a bottle of Imulsion, with a burner on the end.
  • Mark 1 Lancer Assault Rifle - The Mark 1 Lancer Assault Rifle, also known as the Retro Lancer, was the predecessor to the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle which had a low ammo capacity and a bayonet knife attached.
  • Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle - The Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle was produced with a chainsaw bayonet, increased accuracy, lower recoil, and larger ammunition carrying capacity compared to its predecessor.
  • Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle Custom Lancer - The Custom Lancer is an upgraded version of the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle made by Marcus Fenix with several design changes, such as a more angular positioned magazine without a lock well, a slightly longer barrel, extra affiliation lights placed around the weapon, a more rearward ejection port, a wooden stock, and a flashlight attached to the right of the barrel.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle Lancer - Unlike the Mark 2, which required a complete redesign of the Mark 1, the Mark 3 is simply an upgrade compared to its predecessor, adding modifications featured in Marcus Fenix's Custom Lancers, such as a more angular positioned magazine without a lock well, a slightly longer barrel, extra affiliation lights placed around the weapon, a more rearward ejection port, a lighter metal stock - in place of the Custom Lancer's wooden one as well as a larger holographic sight.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle Lancer GL Assault Rifle - The Lancer GL Assault Rifle was the tactical variant of the Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle developed in the early stages of the Swarm War by the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Compared to its standard counterpart, the GL model replaced the chainsaw bayonet with the under-barrel mortar capable of firing laser-guided clusters of micro-grenades. Rechambered for a smaller cartridge, this variant also offered the user a much larger magazine and higher rate of fire.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle Lancer Chainsaw Bayonet - The Chainsaw Bayonet was the standard attachment to the Mk 2, Mk 3 and Marcus' customized Lancer Assault Rifles after the traditional bayonet on Pendulum Wars-era Rifle became obsolete.
  • Longshot Sniper Rifle - The Longshot Sniper Rifle was a high-caliber, single-shot, bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • Mark 1 Markza Marksman Rifle - The Mark 1 Markza Marksman Rifle was a semi-automatic rifle and was almost identical to the GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle, but possessed a shorter barrel, and iron-sights instead of a long-range scope.
  • Mulcher - The Mulcher was a heavy, hand-cranked, rotary gatling gun developed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments. 
  • MX8 Snub Pistol - The MX8 Snub Pistol was the standard sidearm for Coalition of Ordered Governments armed forces personnel. 
  • Overkill Shotgun - The Overkill Shotgun is a heavy shotgun commonly used by DR-1 DeeBees. The weapon utilizes a 'burst-fire' ability; each trigger pull fires a round, and upon releasing the trigger, another round is fired, completing the burst.
  • Salvo Rocket Launcher - The Salvo Rocket Launcher, otherwise known as the RL-4 Salvo, is a heavy weapon that fires rockets in a spiral/curve trajectory. As a result, some of the rockets may hit an obstacle on the way towards their target.
  • Shock Grenade - The Shock Grenade is an electric shock grenade created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments as a non-lethal weapon in protecting COG settlements in the post-Locust War era. Despite being considered non-lethal, it can kill.
  • Smoke Grenade - The Smoke Grenade is a non-lethal grenade used by the COG. Featured in every part of the Gears of War trilogy, the Smoke Grenade discharges a thick, white-gray smoke that obscures the vision of anyone inside the cloud or outside looking into the cloud.
  • Talon Autopistol - The Talon Autopistol is a close-range sidearm manufactured by the Coalition of Ordered Governments, designed during the early stages of the Swarm War.
  • Torque Bow - The Torque Bow was a deadly weapon, wielded exclusively by the elite Locust warriors, the Theron Guards, and occasionally by the higher ranking Palace Guards.
  • Tri-Shot Chain Gun - The Tri-Shot is a heavy weapon that fires three bullets at once, offering a high damage and fire rate. However, the weapon can quickly overheat, causing the rate of fire to decrease significantly and the weapon to eventually fire only one bullet at a time.
  • Venom Bomb - The Venom Bomb is a chemical weapon developed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments in 42 A.E. for the Swarm War. It is used by Hivebusters to destroy Swarm Hives from within.

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