Gears 5: Campaign Mode Story, Co-Op, Gameplay Mechanics And Trailer Reveal

The Campaign Mode for Gears of War 5 was showcased at Gamescom this year with a brand new trailer showing elements of what to expect as the story continues from where it left off in Gears 4. During Gamescom 2019, we got a peak at the improved Horde Mode as well as a look at the Ultimate Edition and the bonus features that come with it such as Halo Reach: Character Pack.

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Gears 5 Story

Gears 5 naturally picks up where Gears of War 4 left off. This time the main protagonist of the story surrounds Kait Diaz, where Gears of War 4 was more focused on JD Fenix.

What Happened In Gears of War 4?

For anyone that may have not played Gears of War 4 or are unfamiliar with where the story finds itself, here's a quick refresher.

Twenty-five years after the events of Gears of War 3, the resulting events of the Imulsion counter-measure weapon destroyed all imulsion on the planet of Sera and ultimately the Locust and Lambent. This left the remaining population needing to find other ways of finding fossil fuels to survive. The reformed COG established walled-off cities to protect citizens from the dangers of the outside world. Some humans however, rejected these viewpoints and formed a group called the "Outsiders" - these people live outside of the COG jurisdiction and organise raids on COG territory for resources.

The main characters J.D. Fenix (son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud) Delmont "Del" Walker recently deserted the COG and join a group of Outsiders led by Reyna Diaz (Kait Diaz's mother). After a recent raid, unknown creatures raid the village, capturing everybody including Reyna and Oscar. As her last act, Reyna locks J.D., Del, and Kait inside the power station to protect them.

Dubbing the unknown attackers the "Swarm", J.D. reluctantly asks his father Marcus Fenix for help, Marcus then decides to lead the group to Fort Reval where thousands of Locust corpses were buried to dispose of them. After the group reaches inside the city, they are ambushed by a Snatcher that captures Marcus. As J.D. and his friends pursue the Snatcher, they find evidence of the Swarm being responsible for the abduction of COG citizens, whose bodies are being harvested to create more Swarm creatures. They also hypothesize that when the Locust were hit by the Imulsion Countermeasure, they did not die. Instead, their bodies underwent a long term metamorphosis over the last 25 years until the Locust evolved into the Swarm. J.D. eventually manages to track down Marcus and free him. Marcus reveals that the Swarm operates on a hive mind and that he was briefly connected to it, confirming their hypothesis that they are the Locust evolved and that Reyna is still alive and being kept at another Locust burial site.

Marcus takes the group to Tollen Dam, where they discover that the burial site has been converted into a Swarm hive. The cew, including old friends Augustus Cole, Damon Baird and Samantha Byrne fight their way into the hive. Inside, they find Reyna has been forcefully integrated into the hive's network and removing her would result in her death. Despite this, Reyna requests that Kait end her life, which she tearfully does. She then inherits her mother's amulet, which had belonged to Kait's grandmother. Upon closer inspection, it bears a resemblance to the symbol of the Locust Queen Myrrah - implying that Reyna was her daughter and Kait is her granddaughter.

So What Will Happen In Gears 5?

Gears 5 goes through Kait's journey to discover her origins and how she is connected to the Locust. So the campaign has two stories: The first part of the plot focuses on the war going on on the planet of Sera and the other focuses on Kait as she struggles to come to terms with her connection to the Locust invaders. The main focus this time around is on the Locust.

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What's New?

Unfortunately, not too much has been revealed around the campaign as this will come with the launch of the game. However, there have been some details on the functionality of the campaign mode. Rod Fergusson, the Studio Head of The Coalition, described that there would be more options for close-quarters melee combat.

He also described tweaked controls, such as the chainsaw bayonet migrating from a hold of the Xbox controller’s B button to a hold of the right bumper. This will allow players to keep their right thumb free to turn the camera while revving the chainsaw.


In amongst several new Gears 5 mechanics, players will need to focus on targeting enemy weak points and scoring headshots, as the game’s aiming reticle will display as white for body shots, red for headshots, and gold when players have done a perfect reload. With this, they have also introduced health bars to enemies (these can also be turned off). At the game’s lowest difficulty players, will even be able to lock onto enemies, a feature the series had previously avoided.

Difficulty Levels

The developers are renaming the Gears difficulty levels from casual, normal, hardcore, insane to beginner, intermediate, experienced, insane.

Will There Be Co-Op Mode?

Gears 5 will feature three player co-op mode on the same console as well as online.

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