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January 6, 2022: We checked for any meaningful changes to the Free Fire VIP system.

What is Garena Free Fire VIP? For a game that has been around for so long, it can be hard to keep up with all of its features, titles, and acronyms. The Free Fire VIP system is one such thing that can get a bit lost in the sea of new additions and shiny buttons. Here's how it works, whether it's worth it, and how to find it.

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What is Free Fire VIP?

Free Fire VIP (right now, at least) is the game's subscription package. You sign up to pay a recurring cash amount at set intervals to retain Free Fire VIP status, earning a bunch of goodies in the process based on which subscription tier you choose.

Free Fire VIP isn't called a subscription by name. That's reserved for another system found on the same menu that gives you slightly more control over the rewards you receive. Instead, Free Fire VIP is classed as a 'Membership', presumably because of the VIP status you unlock for buying into it.

What Are the Free Fire VIP Rewards?

The rewards you get for becoming a Free Fire VIP depend entirely on the price you decide to pay. Whether it's the $2 weekly membership or the slightly cheaper 30-day subscription at $8, you'll get to claim 60 diamonds each day for the duration of your Free Fire VIP status.

There are some subtle differences between the two, though. Here's how they compare:

Free Fire VIP (Weekly)
Free Fire VIP (Monthly)
60 Daily Diamonds (420 Diamonds over seven days + 100 additional for first time purchase)
60 Daily Diamonds (1,800 Diamonds over 30 days + 100 Diamonds bonus Diamonds with each 30-day purchase))
Silver VIP Card icon
Gold VIP Card icon
AK-Gold Coated skin (30 days)
How to find the Free Fire VIP menu in-game.
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Where Is Free Fire VIP?

As explained above, the need for Garena to be constantly adding new features to the game can clutter up the menu, making it hard to find specific things like the Free Fire VIP screen.

Finding the Free Fire VIP screen isn't terribly hard, though. It isn't advertised on the main menu, but you can find it easily enough by clicking the glistening icon beside your diamond counter at the top of the main menu. It looks like a credit card with diamonds beneath it.

Once you click that, you'll be taken straight to the Free Fire VIP screen. Choose whether you want to buy things a week at a time or lock yourself in for a whole month and claim your rewards.

What Is Free Fire S-VIP?

If you've spotted someone with the Free Fire S-VIP badge, this doesn't mean they've been a VIP for a prolonged period of time. Instead, it simply means they've subscribed to both the weekly and monthly Free Fire VIP bundles.

Totaling roughly $16 a month to maintain perpetually, the Free Fire S-VIP state doesn't actually offer anything besides a purple S-VIP icon. Though it claims you're able to nab 120 diamonds daily by maintaining it, this is simply the 60 daily diamond bonuses from both the weekly and monthly Free Fire VIP bundles rolled into one.

You won't gain more diamonds for being an S-VIP, it just comes as a reward for subscribing to both Free Fire VIP cards.

The differences between each Free Fire VIP bundle.
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Free Fire VIP Weekly or Monthly - Which Is Better?

In terms of which one gets you more for your money, the Free Fire VIP Monthly bundle is the best value purchase. But it really depends on your circumstances in that given month. Besides the gold AK skin, Free Fire VIP is all about diamonds.

You'll get two more days out of your membership for the same price by choosing the monthly pack, and you'll even get 100 diamonds on top of the daily claim as well, but if you forget to log on for more than four or five days during your Free Fire VIP monthly subscription, your purchase will suddenly have less value than the equivalent cost of weekly Free Fire VIP purchases.

Simply put, the Free Fire VIP Monthly pack is better value than the weekly version, but only if you claim your daily diamonds every single day.

Whichever you choose to buy, be sure to check or uncheck the 'Subscription' box beneath the Weekly Membership window. If it's checked, you'll automatically be charged for another week of Free Fire VIP when your current one expires.

What Is EARN in Free Fire VIP?

We haven't included them in the table comparison above, but both the Free Fire VIP weekly and monthly bundles include an 'EARN' value as part of their features list. So what is it?

The 'EARN' feature listed on the Free Fire VIP purchase screen isn't something you'll get on top of your daily diamonds. It's purely a metric that measures how many more diamonds you'll get through a subscription versus spending the same amount through the in-game shop.

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