Warzone Players Slam "Game-Breaking" Footstep Audio

Image showing Warzone player running past Weapon Trade Station
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player running past Weapon Trade Station
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, the topic of inconsistent audio continues to appear despite Raven Software’s efforts to improve it over the course of four and half seasons. While other bugs and glitches overshadow poor audio, the Season 4 Reloaded update has highlighted the issue once again.

Having the ability to hear the footsteps of opponents is crucial in a battle royale game in order to coordinate strategy and avoid any potential threats.

With the Season 4 meta continuing to evolve as players hunt for the best Warzone guns to use, those dropping into the action claim the quality of game audio has deteriorated even further.

Players Say Warzone Audio Has Got Worse

In a July 31, Reddit post, one user asks if the audio quality has “sunk to a game-breaking level” following the mid-season update. With over 100 upvotes on the post, it appears there are plenty that agrees.

“I could have two guys sprinting behind me and hear nothing whatsoever,” claims the frustrated player. “ I feel like it wasn’t this bad a few weeks ago?” they add. Many agree with the user, with one saying “footstep audio is absolute garbage. I can’t even hear someone curing off their parachute and landing on top of my head.”

It’s no surprise to hear further frustrations with Warzone’s audio. Hearing a parachute cutting is one of the loudest sounds for nearby players to hear and the fact they can’t hear them makes it almost impossible to counter.

It’s unclear if Raven Software is aware of the sub-standard audio. If complaints continue to appear, there’s a high chance the Warzone developer will hear the community feedback and make improvements as quickly as possible.

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