New Warzone bug stops players from using armour plates

Image showing Warzone player equipping armour plate
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player equipping armour plate
Credit: Activision
Updated on August 24, 2022:

Within the Warzone Season 5 patch notes, Raven Software has fixed this particular issue, meaning you can navigate Buy Stations at whichever speed you choose.

Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, players are no strangers to encountering numerous bugs and glitches that often ruin the battle royale experience. Whether it’s players turning invisible, or lag making the game unplayable, there are numerous issues that continue to impact players dropping into the action.

With Season 5 officially underway, all eyes are on the Caldera map changes as the community prepares for the end of Warzone’s first chapter along with the arrival of the futuristic EX1 energy rifle.

As it turns out, though, Caldera isn’t free of issues either, as one bug is already causing major issues in matches. In some cases, players are finding themselves unable to apply armour plates, leaving them defenceless against any incoming threats.

Warzone players can't use armour plates

For those unaware of how Warzone’s armour system works, armour plates provide an additional layer of protection from any incoming bullets and explosives, with players able to replenish broken plates by picking up new ones from the ground or spending their in-game cash at designated 'Buy Stations.'

Reddit user ‘LunacyLDN’ claims they were unable to use plates after spending some cash at a Buy Station and, based on the comments, it’s not an isolated incident.

“Has anyone else had an issue where they can’t plate up, drop cash, ammo, or interact with the Buy Station?” asked LunacyLDN to the Reddit community. Though the player revealed that none of their squadmates have experienced the glitch, others were quick to back up their claims. “People are speculating it has to do with the quickness in which you use the Buy Station,” comments one player.

Players often navigate Buy Station menus at incredible speed in order to get their hands on a particular item or buy their defeated teammates back into the game. In previous seasons, Buy Stations have acted as the cause for other game-breaking issues and, despite the best efforts of Raven Software, it’s still causing problems.

As the inability to equip armour plates is immensely frustrating for any Warzone player, Raven Software has provided a fix as part of the Season 5 update, meaning you can navigate the menus as fast as you like.

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