Warzone lag is making the game unplayable

Image showing Ghost from Modern Warfare and angry Warzone player
Credit: Activision

Image showing Ghost from Modern Warfare and angry Warzone player
Credit: Activision

Encountering lag during a Warzone match is hugely frustrating. The sudden spikes of freezing ruin matches for players on a regular basis and often cause opponents to bring a premature end to your quest for victory.

With the start of Season 5 on the horizon, lag is affecting several members of the community dropping onto Caldera. In most cases, the cause of lag is down to the connection of players but this time around, having a weak connection isn’t a factor.

The problem that only affects Caldera matches is so bad that one Warzone player claims the battle royale is “unplayable” much to their annoyance.

Warzone is unplayable thanks to lag

To demonstrate the game-breaking lag spikes, Reddit user “Clip_It_” showcases a clip from a recent Caldera match showing the player attempting to score a kill.

Due to the constant stuttering, the opponent outguns them with ease. “Warzone’s been unplayable for the past few days,” claims the user.

The comments suggest that the user isn’t the only one experiencing the problem. One commenter says the lag is “really bad, especially on Caldera.” Others agree, stating that matches on Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep feature little to no lag. “If you can play Rebirth and FK without these problems, your internet is not the problem. I can’t play without it skipping, have never gotten below 90 ping.”

In addition to lag impacting matches, players claim a recent influx of hackers is ruining matches once again. Despite improvements to Ricochet anti-cheat, hackers are slipping through the net once again.

This combined with players lagging all over the Pacific island is far from ideal as the battle royale prepares to enter its final season before the launch of Warzone 2. Let’s hope Raven Software have some fixes up its sleeves to address the problem.

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