Warzone player claims akimbo pistols are “unbeatable”

Image showing Warzone player firing akimbo pistols
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player firing akimbo pistols
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, a number of weapons have risen to the very top of the metagame. Thanks to their overpowered nature, players are forced into using them in order to achieve any kind of success on Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, and Rebirth Island.

As attention turns toward Warzone season 5 of the battle royale, a new contender has emerged as players look for the best weapons to use in their Titanium Trials matches.

With the best Warzone guns changing on a regular basis, one player claims the 1911 pistol from Call of Duty Vanguard is “unbeatable” with the right combination of attachments equipped.

Is the 1911 unbeatable?

The claim comes from Reddit user spideyjiri, who demonstrates the immense power of the pistol armed with a fully-automatic barrel and the akimbo weapon perk.

After destroying an opponent in a matter of seconds, the pistol pro claims the pistols are in fact “unbeatable” in close-quarters combat.

“Unbeatable!” exclaims the player. “These pistols are god-tier.” Many members in the community agree with spideyjiri, with some even claiming the pistols are stronger than shotguns in close-range engagements. “The fact that these are better than a shotty is bonkers!” says one user.

Thanks to Raven Software’s swift doses of weapon balancing, akimbo pistols often rise and fall in popularity. If the developer thinks that carrying two compact pistols is a better option than carrying a single assault rifle, adjustments are made to ensure every match from then on isn’t just a pistols at dawn scenario on every corner.

If you’re looking to dominate close-quarters action with spideyjiri’s “unbeatable” loadout, selecting the Cooper Full-Auto barrel to increase the fire rate is the best place to start.

Up next is the akimbo weapon perk. Alongside the barrel and perk, the rapid action trigger provides further fire rate improvements. The .45 ACP 24-round magazines guarantee you won’t run out of ammunition in the heat of battle.

The larger layout of Caldera means they rarely have a chance to shine. But, if you use them on the tigher Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep maps, they’re guaranteed to make an impact.

For more, check out our guides highlighting the best Warzone sniper rifle and the latest information on the next Warzone double xp event. And for a better look at the best Warzone akimbo pistol loadout, click that link.

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