Warzone players share their Warzone 2 wishlist

Image showing Ghost and Price from Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

Image showing Ghost and Price from Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

With Season 5 of Warzone well underway, the attention of the community is starting to turn toward the launch of Warzone 2. Expected to integrate with Modern Warfare 2, the next chapter of the battle royale is heading back to the modern day much to the excitement of players.

Although the information on Infinity Ward’s fresh battle royale remains slim, leaks surrounding various features of the game continue to appear. Early signs are pointing to plenty of new innovations alongside a range of familiar features from the first Warzone.

As fans wait for more official intel, some have created a Warzone 2 wishlist detailing numerous features the game needs to include in order for it to achieve success.

The Warzone 2 wishlist

The wishlist comes from Reddit user “C0ld_0ne” who details various information on what needs improving. Ranging from servers with a higher tickrate to a rotating map pool for a better variety, there are plenty of viable suggestions.

Additionally, the user wants the background story to “be interesting and make sense” following the confusing Caldera story that started in World War II and skipped ahead several years by the time Season 5 launched.

Others agree with the initial list, with some adding their own suggestions. One user says Warzone 2 should feature “no crossplay based on platform.” Instead, Warzone 2 lobbies should be split between controller players and those using a keyboard and mouse regardless of platform.

Another player wants an alternative to the static flight path at the start of a match. “I’d have multiple flight paths instead of the one,” they say. “We all hate the paths that fly over 2 POIs.”

Warzone developers are known for taking player feedback on board. Whether they use any of these suggestions in Warzone 2 is unknown but if they did, there’s a chance the battle royale can raise the high bar set by its predecessor.

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