Warzone 2 leak reveals the return of popular mode

Warzone 2 popular game mode return
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 popular game mode return
Credit: Activision

Alongside battle royale modes, developers often introduce limited-time modes (LTM) to inject a breath of fresh air into the game. In the case of Warzone 2, Infinity Ward plans on releasing Resurgence along with the new Ashika Island map.

With all eyes pointing towards the launch of Season Two, players are hoping the developer adds even more modes into the mix. As the new season nears, the community is growing tired of solos, duos, trios, and quads.

Ahead of the next major update, a leak has uncovered a hugely popular Warzone mode within the game files leaving some to believe that it’s on the way back to Warzone 2.

Plunder returning in Warzone 2

On February 6, notable leaker @codspoitz_imgs uploaded a clip revealing the user interface (UI) from a Plunder match. The UI features the money tracking bar and the amount of money the player is carrying next to the health bar.

Players were quick to share their excitement surrounding the prospect of Plunder making a return to Warzone 2. “Please say Plunder will release in Season 2,” comments one excited fan. The discovery of the mode doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on the way in Season Two, but there’s definitely a possibility of the mode happening.

“I hope that means Plunder releases Season Two Reloaded or Season 3 at least,” replies another player looking forward to grabbing the cash.

As with all leaks, it’s important to take them with a pinch of salt until some official information appears. However, the fact the mode is already within the files of the game, the likelihood of Plunder coming to Warzone 2 in the near future is extremely high. Until then, we’ll have to wait and make do with the current selection of modes.

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