Warzone 2 players slam lack of player visibility when sniping

Warzone 2 player holding sniper and sniper scope zoomed in
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player holding sniper and sniper scope zoomed in
Credit: Activision

When using one of several sniper rifles in Warzone 2, having the ability to spot an opponent from a few hundred metres away typically gives the player behind the scope an advantage over their intended target. However, the colours of Al Mazrah and the selection of Operator skins are making it very difficult to do so.

With Season Two Reloaded right around the corner, fans dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale are looking forward to seeing what the patch notes have in store along with another shake-up of the meta.

Ahead of the mid-season update, players utilising snipers claim it’s impossible to spot their targets due to player models failing to render properly.

Are Warzone 2 player models broken?

During a recent match, Reddit user Seven0232 manages to spot the outline of an opponent but due to the game’s inconsistent rendering, the player struggles to decide when to fire the shot. “Can we at least get player models to render correctly at distance?”

Judging by the image above, it’s clear to see why Seven0232 is frustrated. Even with a scope capable of crystal-clear vision, there’s no chance to guarantee the shot hits the target.

Other fans believe the first iteration of Warzone never suffered from rendering issues. “WZ1 never had this problem, and I’m not sure it’s even an accurate representation of where the hit model is.”

Another member of the community believes they’ve found the exact cause of the issue. “It’s a server rendering issue and doubt it’ll be fixed anytime soon.” This is far from ideal for those trying to make an impact in long-distance duels. If a fix isn’t arriving in the next few updates, it might be worth swapping a sniper for a mid-range assault rifle capable of spotting nearby targets.

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