Warzone 2 fans unhappy with new mechanic

Warzone 2 player holding gun and Warzone 2 player using Redeploy Drone
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player holding gun and Warzone 2 player using Redeploy Drone
Credit: Activision

The world of Warzone 2 constantly evolves thanks to various additions from Infinity Ward and Raven Software. However, not all of them manage to improve Call of Duty’s battle royale extravaganza.

Ahead of Season Two Reloaded, the developers have introduced Redeploy Drones enabling players dropping onto Ashika Island another way to navigate the map quickly. Alongside fast rotations, using a Redeploy Drone at the right time is an excellent way to avoid any unwanted opposition.

Following the surprise arrival of Redeploy Drones, members of the community believe their arrival is a cover-up for underlying issues still causing problems for fans over the course of a match.

Are Warzone 2 Redeploy Drones a cover-up?

Content creator TheTacticalBrit claims Redeploy Drones are to disguise the numerous flaws with Warzone 2. Players continue to experience game-breaking bugs that see them disappear inside buy stations in addition to regular dev errors that often prevent fans from loading into the game.

“No word on server crashing, lobbies not filing, rubber banding, the fire shotgun, the influx of cheaters,” says the content creator. “Warzone 2 is like a few weeks away from having to announce an Operation Health like Siege had to.” During the early stages of the Rainbow Six Siege cycle, Ubisoft dedicated an entire seasonal update to fixing various issues with the game. Is it time for Infinity Ward and Raven Software to take a similar approach?

Other Warzone 2 are in agreeance. “It’s still in beta,” claims one frustrated fan. Another believes there’s no way for fans to provide any constructive feedback without taking to social media. “What is the alternative? Yell into the abyss? They need a better grassroots structure for feedback.”

The mid-season update for the battle royale is meant to arrive on March 15, so there’s every chance the developers manage to apply some fixes in order to improve the experience. If not, Call of Duty’s latest battle royale is back on the downward slope towards failure.

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