Warzone 2 fans say there are 'many things' wrong with the game

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player wearing ghillie suit and aiming with sniper and Warzone 2 player holding assault rifle and standing near rock
Credit: Activision

Despite Infinity Ward and Raven Software applying numerous updates to Warzone 2, Call of Duty’s battle royale is still packed with issues ruining Season 3 Reloaded for those dropping into the action.

As attention moves towards the launch of Season 4, members of the community claim cheating is worse than ever before while an underrated assault rifle slots into the ever-changing meta.

In a bid to shine a light on the flaws impacting Warzone 2, one player has formulated a list detailing everything that’s currently wrong with various aspects of the game.

What's wrong with Warzone 2?

Reddit user Jeweler8677 has listed a dozen factors that are negatively impacting casual and competitive matches.

Two of the 12 reasons highlighted say “latency constantly too high for a shooter game” and “dysfunctional audio” are some of the main issues with the current build of Warzone 2. Additionally, the presence of “AI bots in ranked play” is an unnecessary distraction for those attempting to become the last squad standing.

All of the reasons are perfectly valid, but one fan suggests one solution to all of the issues that don’t involve any intervention from the developer. “Just quit playing.”

Alongside all of the reasons mentioned in the post, one fan highlights another problem involving the sniper rifle category. “You either get one-shot headshot snipers with major disadvantages so they’re not busted or you get no one-shot headshot sniper.” Is it time for another rework?

Although the game has its fair share of problems, it’s not stopping fans from dropping into Ashika Island and Al Mazrah and with Season 4 just a few weeks away, there’s a strong possibility of the developers applying numerous fixes to iron out the flaws and to create a smooth experience for the final few months of the current cycle.

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